VASCO - Versatile Attitude Simulator for Critical Operations

CS Communication & Systemes and Agenium present VASCO Software


VASCO is a comprehensive set of tools for attitude handling integrated as an external STK module. It is a significant enhancement of STK tools for users who are not attitude experts.


VASCO allows to simulate any object attitude with a priory defined highly customizable models. It defines attitude implicitly by its user friendly high level properties (pointing, offsets, mode ...) rather then explicitly by its low level implementation meaningful only for experts (quaternions, Euler or Cardan angles ...).

VASCO is based on the fully flight proven MARMOTTES library, for which it provides easy access, multiple mission-oriented interfaces, and STK integrated GUI


1 - Attitude modeling, simple user mode
VASCO provides numerous attitude models for all kinds of objects and all types of missions. These models are easily defined, highly customizable (multiple bias application, time dependent functions, models combining, etc..). Attitude is simply defined by high level attitude laws and parameters, rather than by painful description of the object's actuators and systems.
Moreover the user can define modes sequences not only with fixed time intervals, but also with automated events description and detection.


2 - Extended expert mode

In Extended expert mode, the expert user has access to low level definitions of attitude trackers and models provided by Marmottes, enabling any kind of complex attitude simulation.

3- User friendly STK integrated GUI

While providing a wide range of capabilities for modeling attitude, from easy to master level, VASCO offers an STK integrated GUI that enables rapid prototyping of attitude.

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